QUEER♡NIGHT - Bucharest PRIDE 2014


☁ SOLID BABES, Girls/Boys, Friends + Everybody ☁


☁ Let your ♡s illuminate 2014's most expected celebration ☁


To wrap up Bucharest PRIDE 2014 [http://www.gay-fest.ro/program-2014] we'll glitter up a whole night of sparky thrills till the summer sun will lead us back. Gear up to shine and rise like a wonder ❥❥❥

Here is our rays of light:

❥❥❥ The sensual powerful sounds of the >>Plurabelle<< duo. The two genius boys honor the Queer♡Night by launching their sexy "Phantom Pyramid" album with a radiant live >>> http://noisey.vice.com/fr/music-video-premieres/plurabelle-lindo

MORE info:www.facebook.com/events/241287182732945/

❥❥❥ French Berlin Hot Sweet♡ >>aMinus<<, a non-stranger to the Queer♡Night. This Bright Lover Boy will bring on la lumière with a live session leaving you no "Options" but ♡ +++ a marvelous heroic DJ set like they do it in Schuwz, Berlin >>> https://soundcloud.com/aminus

❥❥❥ The nasty force of The Princess >>Andreea Veder<<. Be ready to be shaken down by the mix of this elegant & delicate feline. Meow! >>> https://soundcloud.com/cutthebiography/intermitent-clouds

❥❥❥ Ghetto Gansta Twerking Especialo con >>Dar Adal<<. This sublime twink is about to blow you away with his crispy set.>>> https://soundcloud.com/radu-popa-3/a-quake-minimix

❥❥❥ Neo Cowboys' Couple serving arousal with their charisma and beats: >>Public Servants<< will make hot flirt even easier.

dress code: #diamond

all for 10RON.
  • Control Club
    Str. Constantin Mille, nr. 4, Bucharest
  • Saturday Jun 7, 2014
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